All-Pro Safety Should Be Paid Like A Top Five

June 15, 2022

The Buffalo Bills are heading into mandatory minicamp and there was speculation that safety Jordan Poyer might be a no-show, due to contract negotiations.  Well, that was put to rest, as Poyer will be present but let’s take a look at the contract situation and what exactly is Poyer’s worth to the Buffalo Bills.

For starters, according to, Jordan Poyer is currently paid an average salary of $9.75 million, which places him 13th among the league’s safeties and the highest paid safety is currently Jamal Adams, who’s making an average of $17.6 million.  Should Poyer be paid as a top-five safety in the NFL?  Let’s look at the numbers.

Jordan Poyer recorded five interceptions in 2021, which tied him fourth in the league among all players, not just safeties.  Additionally, according to, Poyer has 18 interceptions in the last five years combined and places him sixth in the league during that time.  He’s also tallied 364 solo tackles second among all safeties, only the Arizona Cardinals safety Budda Baker made more solo stops.  Poyer has also forced six fumbles during that same time and only four other safeties recorded more.

No question the numbers are there but it’s the leadership, continuity, and more importantly football IQ that Poyer brings to this Buffalo Bills defense that cannot be measured.  We’ve heard opposing coaches and quarterbacks talk about what makes the Bills’ defense so tough to move the ball against is their ability to disguise coverages.  It’s been said several times, that there is no better duo in the league than Micah Hyde and Poyer, which has led some to question if Poyer makes Hyde or if it’s the other way around.

Despite all these impressive numbers and respect from coaches and players around the league, Poyer has never been voted to a Pro Bowl in his career.  This is a whole other discussion but this is one really good example of why the NFL Pro Bowl is meaningless.  Poyer was voted to the First-Team All-Pro last season and only two safeties in the league receive this honor each year.

Jordan Poyer is a favorite among his teammates as well.

Anything and everything you want in a safety

Micah Hyde speaking on Jordan Poyer

So Is Jordan Poyer A Top Five Safety

Despite the contract negotiations remaining unresolved, Poyer will attend mini-camp in a show of good faith. I have to believe negotiations are headed in the right direction but I also don’t think Poyer is the type of player that would hold out unless it became the only option. He is and always has been all about the team, which is a big reason his teammates love him.

I also believe this deal will get done sooner than later but what about the original question. Should Jordan Poyer be paid like a top-five safety in the NFL? I don’t think there is any question. The numbers speak for themselves, he is undoubtedly one of the best safeties in the game. More than the numbers though, what he means to this team and this Bills’ defense, you can’t put a price on that and he will get paid.

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