Wings Of The Week- Brandon Beane

July 29, 2022

Wings Of The Week will go to one coach, player, or front office staff member once a week to highlight their successes and accolades. The inaugural Wings of the Week are going to the man responsible for the construction of this team, Brandon Beane. Mr. Beane is responsible for the drafting of Josh Allen and Tremaine Edmonds while also acquiring wide receiver Stefon Diggs and signing big fish free agent Von Miller. It doesn’t take much convincing to say that this may be the best roster the Buffalo Bills have had since the 1994/95 season.

Hot Wings Blue Cheese, Please

Let’s start with Brandon Beane’s draft approach. He continues to bet on traits and characteristics, and it continually pays off. Whether it was the incredibly raw prospect Gregory “Groot” Rousseau, Josh Allen, or the extremely young and talented Tremaine Edmonds just to name a few. They might not have been the “most NFL ready” coming out of the draft but Beane continued to trust in his coaching staff to grow these players into the Pro Bowl/All-Pro caliber they are today.

Free Agency/Trade Market

Now let’s talk about Beane’s prowess when it comes to the free agent/trade market. When Brandon Beane acquired Stefon Diggs, Bills Mafia was split. You either loved the move or were dumbfounded by “how much” the Bills gave up to acquire him. To put it into perspective, if a team approached Buffalo today inquiring about Diggs, what do you think the asking price would be after seeing other All-Pro receivers being traded this past offseason? Three first-round draft picks, maybe four?

The Bills gave up a first, fourth, fifth, and sixth-round draft pick to receive Diggs and a seventh-round pick in return. In hindsight, Bills Mafia, who was disappointed with this trade at first must think, “wow, looking back, Beane really did get a steal in that trade.”

Super Bowl MVP Comes Home

The acquisition of Von Miller is most definitely the biggest splash signing in the McBeane era and it may not be close. First let me say, he’s home. After fully believing the Bills would draft Miller third overall when he came out only to have the Broncos grab him one pick ahead of Buffalo.

During one of his first press conferences after joining Buffalo this past offseason, Miller stated he was convinced this is where he was being drafted and couldn’t be more excited. Going to the Broncos was sort of a shock to him as much as it was to Buffalo and its fans. But here we are 11 years later and he’s where he was meant to be all along.

The fact Beane was able to pry a former Super Bowl MVP away from his current Super Bowl team and come to “Little ol’ Buffalo” shows how well constructed this roster is overall. Miller believed that this team is his best chance to win a third Super Bowl. Not only did Miller choose to come to Buffalo ahead of the team he won with this past season, but he also chose Buffalo over his hometown team the Dallas Cowboys.

The Cowboys offered him a deal very similar to what Beane had offered and he still chose to be a Buffalo Bill. Can we all take a minute to reflect that superstars are choosing to come here, remember when we used to have to pay a “Buffalo Tax” for mid/low-level players just to play in Buffalo?

In Beane We Trust

The Buffalo Bills have come a long way from being a laughing stock of a franchise during the drought era to become the betting favorite to win the Super Bowl. While we all love Stefon Diggs, Josh Allen, Tre White, and Micah Hyde. Let’s not forget the man responsible for putting these pieces in place. So, from Bills Mafia to Brandon Beane, thank you and enjoy your wings.

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