Madden 23: A Review Of The Buffalo Bills Offensive Players

July 30, 2022

Does Madden 23 respect the Buffalo Bills Offense?

The stats don’t lie, the Buffalo Bills offense is one of the best in the league. Finishing top ten in passing yards and top five in points, rushing, and total yards, there’s no denying their ability to put on a show. Now that training camp is underway, we can start to see just how well this offensive unit will gel under the new offensive coordinator.

To truly get a good idea of how good the offense is we’re going to have to wait until opening night in September; however, in the meantime, Madden dropped all of their ratings for every player, quarterbacks included. So, while we wait for the real offense to get on the field we’ll have to make do with the projected offense on the virtual field. Here’s what Madden 23 thinks of the Buffalo Bills offense.

Offensive Line

Dion Dawkins – 83 Roger Saffold – 80Mitch Morse – 79
Ryan Bates – 71 Cody Ford – 70Spencer Brown – 68
Greg Van Roten – 67 Ike Boettger – 67 Bobby Hart – 63
Tommy Doyle – 62Greg Mancz – 61Luke Tenuta – 61
Average – 69

The Bills’ offensive line last season had issues, especially at the beginning of the year. Dion Dawkins was recovering from Covid. Spencer Brown got injured. When players were healthy, they were creating all sorts of penalties ending above the league average. False start and offensive holding penalties alone cost the Bills over 300 yards. So, there are no surprises in the Madden game here, seeing the offensive line averaged at 69. The addition of Roger Saffold should help but unless the rest of the line starts playing up to their potential, I foresee a lot of Play Action passes turning into Josh running for 15 yards in your Madden game.

Wide Receivers

Stefon Diggs – 95 Gabriel Davis – 80
Jamison Crowder – 80Isaiah McKenzie – 76
Tavon Austin – 75Khalil Shakir – 70
Jake Kumerow – 69Marquez Stevenson – 69
Isaiah Hodgins – 64Tanner Gentry – 59
Average – 74

The strongest offensive unit by far, the wide receiving core has benefitted from having Josh Allen throwing the ball. Stefon Diggs has racked up over 3,000 yards with the Bills in just two seasons. Gabe Davis stood in the shadows his first two seasons but since last year’s Chiefs playoff game, everyone knows his name now. Bringing in Jamison Crowder to fill the gap that Cole Beasley left was a smart move because if that works out, this receiving unit is primed to have an amazing year. Right now, they average out at 74, but that number will shoot up as the season goes on.

Tight Ends

Dawson Knox – 83 O.J. Howard – 75
Tommy Sweeney – 64 Reid Ferguson – 35
Average – 64

I think Madden is giving Dawson Knox some respect putting him at 83 overall. Not in the top ten in most stats last year, his contribution was mostly only noted by Bills’ fans. With 11 total touchdowns last year, there’s no denying his role was vital to the Bills’ success. Bringing in OJ Howard should help step up the passing game even more, allowing the Bills to legitimately run two Tight End sets.

Running Backs

Devin Singletary – 81 James Cook – 75
Duke Johnson – 73Zack Moss – 72
Taiwan Jones – 70Reggie Gilliam – 68
Christian Wade – 66
Average – 72

Average is the term that probably defines the Bills running game the best so a 72 average sounds about right. Singletary struggled the first half of the season last year as the team was still trying to determine who would get the most touches. By the second half of the season, they figured it out and Singletary’s snap count shot up causing him to have his best year.

I think Madden is being generous by giving him an overall rating of 80 so, Bills fans should be happy with that. The addition of James Cook this offseason is less about the running game and more about finding ways to add depth in the passing game. That said, we should still expect to see Cook carry the rock this year.

Special Teams

Tyler Bass – 77Matt Araiza – 74
Matt Haack – 68
Average – 73

Not too much to pick on here in the Madden rating, again special teams have been middling. The addition of the “Punt God” Matt Araiza, will make an interesting training camp competition. If he works out, opposing teams will have a hard time getting good field position.


Josh Allen – 92 Case Keenum – 65
Matt Barkley – 58
Average – 72

Shorts man good. While 92 is lower than most Bills fans would like to see, when you go down the line on his stats you see just how much he is respected. Allen has the strongest throwing arm of any quarterback, second strongest trucking, strongest at breaking a sack, and basically, he’s a headache for opposing defenses. Where Madden has him falling “short” is in throw accuracy and awareness in the pocket.

Bills fans know there is nothing to worry about and so long as Allen is tossing the ball, the Bills will have a shot at the Super Bowl every year he’s wearing blue and red. As for the other quarterbacks, as much as I love Matt Barkley, he and Keenum are probably very happy to see them being graded on a curve.

Overall, between offense and defense, I would say that Madden is respecting the Bills as one of the top teams in the NFL. Small market teams that don’t bring a lot of money to the league don’t get as much spotlight but that’s okay. As Bills fans, we’re used to being underdogs, and most of us like it that way. This year is different though, there’s a lot of expectation. The Bills have crafted something special and unless the wheels fall off mid-season, I expect them to go all the way this year and I think Madden feels that way too.

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