Buffalo Bills Rumored To Sign Super Bowl Champion

August 4, 2022

The last time we saw Odell Beckham Jr. he was looking like he was going to take over in Super Bowl LVI. OBJ had three targets, making two receptions for 52 yards and a touchdown. The injury occurred in the second quarter.

Fast forward six months and OBJ is still a free agent looking for a new team or maybe he’ll return to the LA Rams. Either way, the Buffalo Bills have been a rumored destination for the polarizing wide receiver. Regardless of where he lands, he’s not expected a return to the field until sometime in October, maybe November.

How would OBJ look in Red, White, and Blue? Him and Von runnin it back in Buffalo. Let’s just say we had good convo last night in Atlantic City.

Andre Reed’s Instagram Post

Just from the social media reaction of Bills Mafia, this idea is split. Some don’t want him, some do. As far as I’m concerned, he seemed to be fine and a great teammate while with the LA Rams. Add to that, Von Miller played a very active role in recruiting OBJ to the LA Rams. So clearly, Miller doesn’t have any issues with him has a teammate.

Like him or not, blame him for past issues or not, the talent is still very much there. Just look at his NFC playoff performance if you have any questions as to whether he can still play or not. He recorded nine receptions and 113 yards on 11 targets. It seemed to be a slow start for him once he joined the LA Rams, recording only 27 receptions in eight games but turned it up a notch in the playoffs, as he was getting comfortable with the offense. He recorded 21 receptions over three games, plus a quarter and a half in the Super Bowl.

What Could It Mean For The Buffalo Bills

So, what would this mean for the Bills’ offense if he were signed? He would definitely be a solid depth piece but with the way Gabriel Davis came on in the Bills’ last playoff game against the Kansas City Chiefs, I’m not so sure OBJ is an upgrade. He could play in the slot but with McKenzie performing the way he is thus far in training camp, plus free agent signee, Jamison Crowder and rookie Khalil Shakir, the slot is already crowded.

OBJ certainly isn’t going to unseat Stefon Diggs, so where does that leave OBJ? Also, not sure the Bills have the money right now to squeeze him in under the salary cap, though I am continually amazed at how general managers manipulate the cap and magically find room.

The Bills aren’t the only team to be rumored to potentially sign OBJ. The Indianapolis Colts are a popular name as of late. Colts Twitter has been alive with graphics of OBJ in a Colts uniform. We’ve also seen rumors of the Baltimore Ravens and Dallas Cowboys. Wide Receiver Tim Patrick of the Denver Broncos was recently injured during the Broncos training camp, so naturally, Odell Beckham Jr. was the first name to pop up. Obviously, the LA Rams are still saying they would like to resign him as well.

Odell Beckham can still play and will definitely be a solid addition regardless of where he lands, I just don’t think it makes sense for the Buffalo Bills. That could all change though, if the Bills’ wide receiver group suffers a major injury, knock on wood. Would he add depth, sure, but it seems to me the Bills’ brass is very happy with the group currently in camp.

Plus, bringing him in on a one-year deal, likely reduces any playing time Shakir could possibly get, which will slow his progression and development. I for one, want Shakir on the field, at least at times. Living here in Boise, I have watched all four years of Shakir’s collegiate career, and trust me when I say, this kid is dynamic, explosive, and can flat-out play. He’s probably got the best hands of any wide receiver I’ve seen play at Boise State in the 18 years I’ve lived here. Not to mention his 414 yards rushing on 71 carries during his time at Boise State.

The bottom line is the Buffalo Bills don’t need Odell Beckham Jr and really there is no room on the roster or under the salary cap. If a need arises to bring him on board, then, by all means, let’s do it. But this Bills’ roster has all it needs to dominate the NFL, not just the AFC.

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