Can This Bills’ Offense Be Historically Great in 2022?

August 23, 2022

While it’s easy to get caught up in the thrill of a Bills blowout win, even in pre-season, we as fans sometimes need to temper our expectations and do our very best to not overreact. That said, maybe I’m overreacting but I have to ask, does this Bills offense have a chance to be historically great?

Pre-season or not, 42 points scored in an NFL game is impressive and once again, the punters were barely needed, punting only once. It is very likely the Bills go for that fourth down in the regular season too and convert.

The last time we saw quarterback Josh Allen on the field for a full game was January 2022 and he did was wow the NFL world in back-to-back playoff games. I still hear some Bills’ fans complain about the Bills not getting any “respect” but I’d disagree. All we’ve heard all summer long since that Chiefs divisional playoff game was, “Bills lost due to a coin toss” or “If Allen gets a change in overtime, Bills win and go on to beat the Bengals”. Don’t think for a second the Kansas City Chiefs aren’t hearing this too.

The Chiefs lost Tyreek Hill because the money was more important to him than championships, as a result, questions abound, can Kansas City be the Chiefs of old or are they vulnerable now or can Patrick Mahomes be Patrick Mahomes without Hill? Again, guarantee the Chiefs are hearing all this, and this is just the type of thing that creates chips on shoulders and drives professional athletes to prove the doubters wrong. Allen has made a career out of the chip on the shoulder.

For this reason, it’s vital to Buffalo’s success in 2022, that they are even better than they were a season ago, which was pretty good! Fortunately, Brandon Beane and Coach McDermott understands this as well. Insert Von Miller and a host of new and returning defensive linemen; however, it’s the additions on the offensive side that just might become the story in the NFL this season.

Buffalo averaged over 33.8 points a game over the last six games, including the two playoff games, which is on par with the 2000 Rams. Now the Rams did that over the course of a full season, can the Bills put up those numbers all season? The highest points per game in a season during the Super Bowl era was the 2013 Denver Broncos, scoring 37.9 points per game. Can this year’s Buffalo Bills achieve that or more? I think so.

Obviously, Stefon Diggs is fantastic and likely will go down as one of the greatest wide receivers in Bills’ history, some probably already consider him as such. Now we get a full season of Gabriel Davis as the clear number two and Isaiah McKenzie will finally get to man the slot position in the starting lineup. Nothing against the likes of John Brown, Emanuel Sanders or Cole Beasley, but I do believe at this point, Davis and McKenzie are upgrades.

Some could debate whether McKenzie is an upgrade over Beasley, but they are very different slot receivers. I think McKenzie has learned how to find the holes in zone defenses and improved his route running by learning from Beasley. What McKenzie brings to the table that Beasley didn’t was pure speed and a homerun threat to his game.

Bills Bring In More Weapons

Now add in a few new faces, including in the receiver’s room and a new, very key addition to the offensive line, as well as a new addition to the backfield and we have the makings of what I believe to be a potentially historically great offense. First, the Bills draft Georgia running back, James Cook in the second round of the draft and is the ideal third down back, with excellent receiving skills.

He has the speed and explosiveness the Bills have lacked in the backfield since LeSean McCoy and he gives new offensive coordinator Ken Dorsey someone he can move around the offense, from running back, motion outside into the slot and he even played a little on the outside for the Bulldogs, during his college days. He offers flexibility to add some nice new wrinkles to this offense.

The Bills then added Khalil Shakir via the draft in the fifth round and many analysts believe the Bills may have gotten the steal of the draft. If you’ve been watching and keeping track, so far he looks every bit the steal that many thought he might be. Even with McKenzie in the slot, Dorsey will find ways to get Shakir on the field, he’s too good to just sit on the bench. I live in the Boise area and watched Shakir very closely during his time at Boise State University. Similar to Cook, he offers versatility but in a different way.

While at Boise State, Shakir played both on the outside and slot, he handled the ball in the run game too. He’s very much a Deebo Samuel type player. Just another new toy at Dorsey’s disposal that he will be able to utilize in a number of different ways, keeping defenses guessing. In addition to Shakir, they brought in Jamison Crowder via free agency. Crowder is every bit a proven slot receiver in this league and is yet another new weapon.

On top of the new skill position players, the Bills brought in free agent guard Roger Saffold. A team’s offensive line can make or break an offense as whole and while I don’t believe this line is one of the better lines in the league, I do think this is the best line in McDermott’s time with the Bills. Saffold is a huge addition to the line and clearly the Bills like what they have in him, since they traded Cody Ford to the Arizona Cardinals. I think he, along with Dion Dawkins, Ryan Bates, Mitch Morse and Spencer Brown, will solidify this line and provide Allen with a solid line.

Speaking of Allen, is there a better quarterback in the NFL? One could argue this to be true but to win over NFL fans outside of Bills Mafia, he needs to add an NFL MVP and Super Bowl to his trophy case. Regardless, what Allen brings to the game is unmatched. Are there better pure passers of than Allen, sure. Are there better running quarterbacks, yes. But there is not a quarterback in the league that combines these two skillsets to Allen’s caliber though. This is what makes him the best quarterback in the league.

With all this talent and an abundance of offensive weapons, I’m more than willing and confident to make this bold claim for the 2022 season. As I mentioned earlier, in the Super Bowl era, the 2013 Denver Broncos hold the record for points per game at 37.9. Can the Bills average 38 points a game? I believe so and I’m calling it now, the 2022 Buffalo Bills will set a new points per game record in the NFL.

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