Should The Bills Sign Brett Kern, Released from Titans

August 30, 2022

The Buffalo Bills are in need of a new punter and while some might think bringing back Matt Haack makes the most sense, what about the newly released Brett Kern?

In a tweet from Adam Schefter, we learned that the Titans are releasing former All-Pro punter Brett Kern. Kern was with the Titans since 2009. You may know him from the 2018 divisional round in which he placed a punt at the one-yard line of the Patriots with just seconds left that ultimately sealed the victory for the Titans over the Patriots.

Does This Make Sense For The Bills?

This makes a lot of sense for Buffalo to grab Kern for this season. He is 36 years old and has been with the Titans for the past 12 years. He is a veteran punter in this league and can be utilized as a weapon for the Bills. He is a fine holder as well. The Bills are starting to get a plethora of options at the punter position and while Kern most likely won’t be able to punt as far as Araiza could, he certainly has more experience, expertise, and control of the ball.

This news comes at the perfect time after the release of punter Matt Araiza as the Bills are now scrambling to find a new punter with just a week and a half until the season starts. 

Brett Kern is a three-time pro bowler as well as a two-time All-Pro punter AND he is even a Buffalo native! He went to high school at Grand Island, NY, right outside of Buffalo so it almost feels like this pairing was meant to be.

He is more than qualified for the Bills’ punter position and if I was Beane I would be on the phone with him right now. He probably already called him. This team is stacked from top to bottom and adding Kern would just be adding another weapon to an already loaded offensive and defensive roster. Not to mention the guy that Kern would be holding for is pretty good too.

Kern checks all the boxes for the Bills and fits right in with the culture and makeup of this team. Definitely keep your eye out for news involving him in the next couple of days. Go get him Bills!

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