The Bills Outsmarted The NFL

September 20, 2022

Coming out of the draft, Josh Allen was deemed to be a problem project many teams weren’t willing to take on. It seems betting on characteristics and working hard has paid off for both parties in this situation with the Bills “out smarting the entire NFL.”

The Bills Man

Josh Allen has always been doubted. Being a smaller kid for most of his life he was seen as just an average athlete until finally hitting a major growth spurt late in high school which shot him up to the giant being he is today. Never showing he had the ability to keep improving past high school no division one school was willing to take a risk on him which forced Josh to go to JuCo.

Sending out emails with game film to every single coach in the FBS after his freshman season he was finally given the opportunity and a scholarship by Wyoming to lead their team. He showed flashes of what could be greatness thanks to his arm strength and athleticism at the next level but the inconsistent accuracy and lack of ball placement still left much to be desired.

Josh Allen physically looked every part to be an NFL quarterback and listening to him speak in the draft process he sounded the part as well. But again teams drafting at the top of the first round just weren’t sold on whether he could improve above what he’s already become and were worried he wouldn’t ever be more than a flash in the pan if anything at all in the NFL. One specific quote I remember vividly from the draft after the Bills took him with the seventh overall pick was “If Josh Allen works out then the Buffalo Bills will have outsmarted the entire NFL.” Boy is that an understatement.

Bills Myth

After an underwhelming rookie campaign the mafia was split on what to think of the young quarterback. The lows and inconsistency Allen had throwing the football left much more to be desired in that respect. But the flashes he had running the football along with being able to go off script was a thing of beauty to see. Jumping over linebackers while throwing absolute bombs to Robert Foster in a collapsing pocket gave the mafia hope that maybe we finally did have a good player at this position rather than another EJ Manuel or Trent Edwards.

Year two for Josh we saw major growth from the young quarterback. Improving slightly in almost every aspect of his game we saw his interceptions drop from 12 in 12 games played to only nine in 16 games played while throwing for 20 touchdowns and over 3,000 yards. With weapons like John Brown and Cole Beasley who weren’t top of the line receivers in the league but fit in the system well and were major improvements over the talent he was throwing to during his rookie season.

Leading the team to a playoff berth in his second season was the final thing that the mafia needed to see to finally get completely behind the young quarterback and believe that he will be the man to bring the Lombardi trophy to Buffalo.

Bills Legend

Years three and four for Josh were absolutely magical. We’ve all seen the “First quarterback in NFL history *insert amazing accomplishment here* is Josh Allen” posts on social media and continuous hurdles. We all have seen the relationships he’s built with every player on the team, not just his fellow offensive players but having special handshakes with all of the players.

Josh is a fantastic leader. During that second season when his number one receiver was John Brown, did anyone really think that Brown had FINALLY put it all together and was becoming a top receiver in the league after an underwhelming career until that point? Or the same thing with Cole Beasley and Robert Foster? Allen was able to make the players around him better no matter their level of talent. He was able to instill a thought process and trust in them that if you get to where you’re supposed to be, he would get them the ball on time to make a play.

You see quarterbacks around the league that aren’t necessarily bad players but don’t have the skill set or talent to elevate lesser players to become better than they are. Josh Allen is good enough to where if a play breaks down and he has to go off script he’s able to do that. Having to break out of the pocket and his ability to throw on the run and throw his receivers open in the smallest of windows is just a testament of his arm strength and growth as a player.

JA17 as it stands right now no matter what will go down as one of the top two quarterbacks to have ever played for the Bills. He’s an absolute freak of nature being built like a linebacker, with speed like a running back and an absolute cannon for a right arm is everything that a coach wishes they could have in a quarterback. The season opener against the Rams was a great display of his attributes.

He showed his strength when sending a defender to another planet with the stiff arm then showed his awareness and play-making ability when he sent Diggs’ off script on the go route then proceeded to throw a 55 yard missile on the run over who many consider to be the best corner in the game. Not bad for being “trash and a waste of a draft pick.”

As football fans we all understood that there could be something special in the works with Josh when he was a rookie, but we would all be lying if five years ago we said we’d have the best quarterback quite literally on the planet. As Bills fans, we deserve it. After all we have been through from the “Four Falls Of Buffalo” through the entire drought era, our time has come. We can finally wear and speak of our team proudly and personally (because I wasn’t alive for the Super Bowls) this is the most fun and excited I’ve ever been about this team.

So let’s do this Mafia, let’s mount up and follow this team TO THE MOON. Enjoy the season and go Bills!

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