The Bills Will Pummel The Dolphins For These Three Reasons

September 22, 2022

This Sunday at One in the afternoon the Bills get to take on the Dolphins for the first time this season. After two weeks, the Dolphins look like they could be a real problem.But I’m here to tell you why Buffalo is still the top dog.

Bills’ Number One Duo

Over the past two seasons the Buffalo Bills have walked through the AFC East, and the main reason is the duo of Stefon Diggs and Josh Allen. In his career even prior to being paired with Diggs, Josh had only lost one game to the Dolphins. Which many mafia members including myself will argue that he should be undefeated if it weren’t for a Charles Clay dropped touchdown.

As we saw on Monday night, the Allen and Diggs combination is as deadly as any in the NFL, some may even say the best. With Gabe Davis out with an injury, Allen seemed to lean on Diggs maybe more than usual. But Diggs was able to answer the call by coming up with a monster game of 12 catches for 148 yards and three touchdowns. Diggs seemed to be toying with the young defensive backs at one point in the game when it was fourth down and Josh Allen tried to hard count the defense.

As time ran out on the play clock, Diggs looked over to Allen with a rookie corner played press coverage against him. He was visibly “upset” with Josh Allen and the sideline for the decision to accept the penalty and punt rather than giving Stefon one more shot to go deep. So far this season, Allen and Diggs have been an unstoppable one-two punch for defenses amassing 20 receptions with 240 yards and four touchdowns. With a game against the “top corner in football” in this two game sample size and torching him, there’s no telling what they may do on Sunday.

Allen and Diggs are on a mission. There’s something about when these two guys get down in Miami, maybe it’s the air or maybe it’s the alligators. Diggs loves the the matchup against Xavien Howard, always playing each other hard and letting the other know when one of them makes a play on the other. On the flip side, Allen feeds off of the energy from the Miami fans. He’s learning to embrace being the “villain” in opposing stadiums and using it as a chip on his shoulder. Sort of like “Really? You think you can stop me? Watch this.” Then assumes position and puts on an absolute clinic.

Bills’ Defensive Line Gets “Tua” the Quarterback

The addition of Von “Biller” has already proven worth while from what we’ve seen in this short time. He’s completely flipped this defensive line upside down showing what can happen when you can actually sack the quarterback rather than only getting pressure. The past few seasons the Bills have ranked among the top of the league regarding pressuring the quarterback which is great, but never produced the sack numbers that the other top teams at pressures were getting.

Rousseau had a good rookie season with four sacks and played the run very well, but already he has two sacks this season already and being able to practice and work alongside Von is a big reason why. As mentioned in our BillsBeat weekly podcast by host and fellow writer Ronnie Eastham, Rousseau did a little up and under swipe move on a tackle then proceeded to blow by him and almost made the play in the backfield.

That is one of many of Von’s famous rush tools. It keeps the lineman guessing which way to go while Von or Groot use their speed to blow by the tackle. Von’s pass rush summit he holds every year is an amazing tool for young players around the league get to attend and learn from some of the best players at getting to the quarterback. The Bills young defense gets to see that every day and study it up close and personal.

Von “Biller’s “impact isn’t solely on just fellow defensive ends but also improves the interior as well. Mitch Morse was asked what it was like lining up against Von and Ed Oliver on the same side of the line and his response was “it’s not fair.” Pretty high praise coming from a Pro-Bowl center. If Morse is seeing that every day in practice and is still saying that, imagine what lineman from opposing teams must say about them! Von requires a double team on almost every play which starts to put the Bills at a numbers advantage in the trenches. I believe that the Bills defensive line is what will be the key to a victory in this game.

Reason Number Three (Headed Monster)

A reason we can’t overlook for this has to be Coach McDermott along with Ken Dorsey and Leslie Frazier. The chemistry that these coaches have with their players and their ability to put the players in the right position for success is incredible. There was expected to be a little slow down in the Titans game with the Bills missing Gabe Davis. Dorsey said okay, increase our star receivers targets and then do the same thing with Dawson Knox. He seems to have had an answer for everything that’s been thrown at him so far this season. Going against a defensive coordinator he’s seen for a few years now, I’m sure Dorsey has a few tricks up his sleeve.

Leslie Frazier is going into this game a few men short. With the likely-hood Dane Jackson won’t play after that incredibly scary hit he took in the Titans game, Frazier is going to have to make due with both rookie corners Kaiir Elam and Christian Benford playing on the outside against what will be the best wide receiver pair the Bills will have seen all season. Micah Hyde’s status is unclear at this point so for now we’ll consider him game ready. With he and “All Pro Po” behind the corners and the familiarity with Tyreek Hill, they will be able to cover over top and take away *most* of the deep bombs thrown his way.

Sean McDermott has a way of coming up big in games like this. We saw what extent he was willing to go to last post-season starting with against the Patriots. He didn’t want to just beat them, he wanted to prove a point that the Patriots and everyone else in the AFC East are little brothers compared to the Bills now. In the divisional game against the Chiefs, McDermott went for it on fourth down in instances where he would’ve punted it in the past. Coach has grown into a better coach than when he first arrived in Buffalo. He, like the young players needed time to learn and grow.

My official and final prediction for this game is I believe Allen and Diggs connect on their fifth touchdown of the season with Diggs eclipsing the century mark in receiving yards. Allen will contribute five total touchdown and over 300 yards passing while connecting with Knox for his first touchdown of the season. As mentioned the defensive line is what will ultimately determine this game for Buffalo and the acquisition of Von “Biller” continues to pay off with four sacks and two turnovers for the defense overall. Ultimately this comes down to a final score of 41-27 with Buffalo leaving Miami with a victory. To all you Dolphins fans, be careful what you wish for, you just might get it. Go Bills.

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